Rösle Tea Strainer: If you prefer brewing leaf tea, such as Indian Assam, this little gizmo is impressive when it's time to strain the elixir from the source. The mesh is fine enough to catch 99.44% of the unwanted matter while allowing enough liquid flow to execute a perfect pour every time. Highly recommended!


One of the cooler blogs: Stuart Hobday
Stuart often switches from one blogging platform to another and shifts domains from time to time, but his posts are always interesting observations.

Additional impressive design sites:


Studio Log 20100405: Here is a 51 second stereo audio sample (a two-tone sweep from 440 Hz to 40 Hz – one linear, the other logarithmic – followed by studio silence). The tracks were recorded using two Bluebirds from Blue Microphone. (Left channel mic serial #xx2763 and the right is #xx3183.) The mics were positioned next to one another (1¾” gap) 8 feet away from a single speaker. Note the difference in background noise between the two mics, especially through a spectrum analyzer. The recording was made through a Yamaha AW1600 with mic gains set identically (at max).

Bluebird xx2763 has not been used due to its higher noise floor (by about 10 dB). Instead a substitute Blue DragonFly works nicely for Piano recordings.



Studio Log 20100403: Installed the latest version of the M-Audio driver for the FireWire 410. Cubase Studio has been hanging a few times during the day and it seems that the 410 was the culprit. Also, testing both Bluebird mics to locate that 13kHz anomaly. One of the Bluebirds has a much (much) higher noise floor that the other is not really useful in this test. Reporting the mic problem to BLUE. The one quiet Bluebird is just that...really quiet...perfect for measuring the studio background noise...which measures 14dB on a still night.

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