Flight Tycoon tips: To maximize sales, first build the city next to your airport to a population of 50,000 - achievable before level 10 if you replace low-cost buildings with restaurants. When you reach this population, your outbound planes will be fully loaded with passengers.

Next, upgrade your planes as often as you can. The most efficient planes are the hardest to obtain due to the research and mastery process. The Concorde, however, can be purchased from the in-game store and earns about $19K per hour on short flights. If you can, stick to one or two cloud (measure of distance) routes since they pay the most, but require more frequent turn-arounds. Only fly into airports that return full loads.

If you buy fuel when the price dips, you can average under $6.20 a barrel. Expand your airport ramps as soon as you can afford it, but open then sequentially as you acquire aircraft so that friends don't take them all. To minimize losing a ramp when you upgrade an aircraft, buy your new plane first, then quickly drop the old route and build the new one. When friends do fly into your airport, turn them around as quickly as possible - you'll earn a bonus of 20% of the inbound route revenue.

If you follow these tips, you can achieve level 34 in two weeks.


Pocket Planes vs Flight Tycoon: Really enjoying the airport simulator genre. Flight Tycoon employs high resolution graphics while Pocket Planes (soon to be released) prefers low-res graphics like Tiny Tower. Both simulators are free on the iOS platform and share the common goal of growing a fleet of planes to ferry passengers. Presently, we're investigating how to maximize sales (flight earnings) using the most efficient planes and optimal destinations in Flight Tycoon. To learn more about Flight Tycoon, take a look at this walk-through. A preview of Pocket Planes can be found here.

Pocket Planes is expected to be available June 14. Watch the trailer available on YouTube.

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