SimCity 2000 on Windows 7 (x64): Although it runs great in almost every way on the relatively newer operating system, the SimCity 2000 program quits whenever Load or Save is selected. After investigating file permissions and compatibility suggestions found online, the only solution that worked for this studio is to run the program within Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC. These tools are free from Microsoft here. Note: through Remote Desktop, performance is notably sluggish.

The screenshot below demonstrates SimCity running within the virtual environment. Just after program launch, the anticipated dialog box appears successfully upon selecting "Load Saved City". Yay!


James Franklin Hyde Chart: This colorful arrangement of elements has been a studio favorite since acquiring a pair of the posters in 1976. This one is mounted on a foam-core backing and it has held up nicely through the years. Notice the pivotal placement of hydrogen, carbon, and silicon at the center. Rather than calling it a periodic table of elements, one could describe it with adjectives such as curved, circular, spiral, rings, and looping.

J. F. Hyde, “A Newly Arranged Periodic Chart,” Chemistry, September 1976, 49(7), 15-18
See this bulletin for a little more history behind this chart.
See this bio on Mr. Hyde. Another from wayback.
Also check out this database of periodic tables.
See also wikipedia


Shadow Cities: On December 12th, game developer Gray Area released three more levels beyond 15. It is possible to level from 15 to 18 within 4 weeks, sooner with more effort.

Below is a chart of average damage at levels 11 through 18. The nine lower set of points are un-buffed hits. All data was collected while leveling up.

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