Galaxy Empire

This free on-line strategy game is extremely engaging and time-consuming. An iOS clone of OGame, it combines elements of science fiction, flight management, factory logistics, planetary exploration, and battle tactics. There are many upgrades including somewhat complex requirements dependencies. For example, the research lab needs to be at level 7 before researching hyperspace technology which is needed before developing hyperspace drives which are required to build battleships.

There are several paths a player can take in this game. For example, the tutorial introduces the mines, the shipyard, research, defenses, constructing a small fleet, attacking an enemy (other players), and colonizing a new planet. After the tutorial, although it might be tempting to try some more attacks, it only makes sense to go back to basics and focus on upgrading infrastructure (mining, defense, ship building, and research) until somewhat stronger.

Two worthwhile tips: 1) Colonize a planet in a system other than the starting system. 2) If a probe is detected by radar prior to attack, deploy all fleet to another colony along with as much material as possible. In the present version of the game, planetary structures (mines, research lab, shipyard, etc.) cannot be damaged or destroyed by enemy fire.

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