Studio Update: Opted for the PATA version of the WD3200, hoping for a single platter and low noise. Used the Acronis True Image software from the Western Digital site to clone all of the data from the old 120GB disk after updating the BIOS first so that the full disk space could be recognized. Pulled the old disk out and made the new disk the primary and did another sound reading of the system from 1 meter. Fairly quiet now. Below is the spectrograph as it stands today. The blue line is the current machine noise level. The yellow line is a measure of noise outside of the studio, away from the original unmodified machine. The red line is the noise level of the pre-modified Gateway 700X. Overall, it appears that the changes have yielded about a 20dB drop across the spectrum. Much more tolerable, since now there is only a hint of moving air.

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