Coffee Break: Although the studio's Tassimo machine has performed well for the past four years, 50 cents-a-pod espresso is growing tired. A quick cost analysis reveals that we can whittle that per-cup cost way down to about 17 cents, not counting the cost of the espresso-making machine...still hunting for a good affordable unit. Meanwhile, after learning a little more about the espresso-making process, we've created an alternative recipe.

Smooth Turkish Mocha: Heat/stir 100ml whole milk with 3g of 100% cacao until smooth and set aside.
Boil 100ml water and then add 14g freshly-ground (finest grind) coffee and reboil twice or thrice.
Within two minutes, strain coffee into milk and stir in 12g sugar.
Perfection every time.
Option: Try hazelnut-flavored coffee.
Simple filter trick: use a quarter of a white paper napkin inside a conic strainer

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