Root Beer Research

Barq's root beer tastes better the colder it gets. Near freezing, it becomes more syrupy and fizzy...refreshing on a warm day, especially after some heavy-duty yard work. Looking at the ingredients however, it is sad to see HFCS (high-fructose corn syrup) and sodium benzoate. Time for a change. Further investigation online revealed a store appropriately named "The Root Beer Store". They carry over 100 brands of root beer, and although prices are a tad steep, we are seeking these four brands of root beer: Bulldog, Virgil's, Sprecher, and Capone. (...almost sounds like a law firm!) These selections are based on favorable reviews found on The Soda Jerks. Elsewhere, we discovered several good reviews of Vintage brand root beer which can now be found at Trader Joe's stores.

Update: Obtained the four aforementioned items from the Root Beer Store and wow, the Bulldog is amazing. Two additional recommended root beers to obtain and sample: Hank’s and So Duh! Rockin’. Plus, Centennial Root Beer from Brewbakers in Huntington Beach.

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